MS Office Masterclass

MS Office MasterClass

This Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) Masterclass focuses on using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to save you time. As with all computer-based office tools, we tend to use familiar features and functions and ignore the rest. You will learn how to really use these effectively to produce amazing professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and with the use of our breath-taking shortcuts, it needn’t take you hours!

PowerPoint with a Passion

Many office professionals use Microsoft PowerPoint frequently, but few use this program to its full potential. To illustrate, have you ever struggled to line up your images in your slideshow? Next time press shift + F9. This will display gridlines for you to line objects up perfectly.
What else will you learn on the day?

  • How to make your screen black by pressing one button
  • Insert new slides with just two keys
  • Learn how to draw on top of your slides during your presentation
  • Working with slides and text
  • Formatting your slide
  • Animation and sound
  • Learn every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Taking the Fear Out of Excel

Many office professionals have a fear of using Microsoft Excel. However, this program is not just a useful tool for accountants and actuaries! To illustrate, have you ever struggled to come up with just the right formula for your work? Next time press shift + F3 and ask Excel what you want it to do. Want to create a chart instantaneously? Select your data and press F11. You will also learn:

  • The absolute basics
  • Handling a cell
  • Moving around cells
  • Formatting and working with your workbooks
  • Printing
  • Formulas
  • Charts and tables
  • Learn every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Working With Word

Most people go to their ribbon (or toolbar) to increase the size of their font. If you highlight your text and press Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ] your font size will decrease/increase. You will also learn:

  • Customising your toolbar or ribbon
  • Changing your font with two keys
  • Advanced use of autocorrect
  • Personalising bullets
  • Line spacing shortcut
  • Mail merge
  • Learn every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Why choose the Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass?

What makes this Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass stand out from all the others is mostly that it has been created by NAs and is targeted directly at NAs and other admin professionals. Not only will your NAs be receiving the very best in training from us, but they will be surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of the other NAs present. They will feel positively spoilt by this rare training and networking opportunity, and will return to work feeling confident, empowered, motivated, and of course with completely current expertise.

Group work and discussion are encouraged throughout the workshop. We don’t simply talk at our NAs; we involve them, listen to them and work with them. We make sure your individual NAs needs are met.

We know, that with so much valuable information to impart on our NAs, there really is a lot for them to take on board. That’s why we’ve gone that extra mile to ensure that your NAs really takes away as much as possible from this workshop. We provide them with easy to navigate, comprehensive hand-outs, covering everything discussed in the workshop, and much more. As a graduate of this workshop, your NA will become a lifetime member to our NA network; no question too big or small, we are always at the other end of the phone or email, ready to help.

In-house bespoke training

Even if you can’t make it to one of our venues, don’t despair – why not let us come to you?

There are many good reasons for keeping the course in-house: it makes for greater efficiency and ensures everything is focussed on your organisation’s business. The course can be adapted to your organisation’s specific needs so that it perfectly aligns with its culture and values.

Your NAs can also network and share their experiences of the course, thus strengthening the NA role within your organisation.

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